Blind Wave Crew

Blind Wave has a talented and versatile crew to get any project accomplished.

Eric Whiteley : Creative Director

Eric has been working with videos, editing, and more since 2006. His first film was The Locket along with Shane. From here he grew his knowledge of Choreography, Camera work, and editing for future projects such as The Tunnel, Bounty, and eventually creating Rivals, Blind Waves first award winning film. 

After Rivals, Eric continued expanding his knowledge of film to help lead creation of films such as, Novices and Novi, Slice, and Ferocity (Blind Wave's second award winning film).

Currently Eric leads Blind Wave's creative elements, from writing, to editing he can handle it all. 

He also does great work with choreography, camera work, and leads all of Blind Wave's visual effects. 


Aaron L. Elliott: Production Manager

Aaron joined up with the other members of Blind Wave in 2008. Before that he was a member of Rattlesn@ke Games doing video game reviews, top 10s and podcasts. 

After Joining up with Blind Wave he became a vital member helping to create Rivals, Blind Wave's first award winning video, which he starred in. He continued to help with future videos such as Novices and Novi, Slice, and Ferocity (Blind Wave's second award winning film). 

Currently Aaron works as Lead Audio Engineer, choreographer, and actor for Blind Wave, on top of Production Manager.

Shane Farley : Lead Sales and Choreographer


Shane has been creating choreography for film since 2005. His first film was The Locket with Eric. From here he expanded his knowledge of creating choreography for future videos including The Tunnel and Bounty. This eventually led to some great choreography in Rivals Blind Wave's first award winning video, in which he choreographed and stared. 

He then continued his work with videos such as Novices and Novi and Ferocity (Blind Wave's second award winning film). 

Currently Shane is Lead Writer for Blind Wave's Youtube Channel and actor for Blind Wave, on top of being in charge of Sales and Choreography. 

Calvin Grubb: Equipment and Crew Manager

The newest member of Blind Wave. He joined up with the crew back in 2013 on the filming of Blind Wave's fan film Star Wars The Old Republic: The Pit. While new, he is a quick learner and has quickly become a handy camera man, equipment manager, audio engineer, and more. 

He is also quite handy in being able to fix and make equipment and props. 

Currently Calvin manages crews on set, as well as Blind Wave's equipment.

History of Blind Wave

Blind Wave has been working together for some time now. 


Since Highschool Shane and Eric have worked on creating their own fights and choreography sequences. Shane and Eric began working together on their own personal films back in 2006. These films were created for the International Lightsaber Choreography Competition.  They created such videos as The Locket and The Tunnel.

As they progressed they met Aaron who joined up with them in 2008. They created two fights in 2009. Together they created their videos Bounty and AVR Advent. After taking what they learned from their past fights they created their first award winning video Rivals. It won 1st place in the LCC VIII (2010).  They then created Novices and Novi in 2011, This was their fist attempt at creating choreography that they were not performing themselves. While winning no awards this year the film was well received for its comedic factor. 

In 2012 Blind Wave worked hard to make their next 1st place video in the LCC, Ferocity. This was their first attempt at, not only a double bladed lightsaber but also, a two versus one duel. The video was very well received and is over 1.5 million views on youtube.  

In 2013 they began work on their fan film Star Wars The Old Republic: The Pit. This was the biggest project they had worked on to date. This project involved a bigger set, costumes, props, extras, script and story, lights, generators, and much more. This video is still in post production and is planned to have a 2015 release. 

While working on The Pit they have done some other media work with Mid-Ohio Valley Championship Wrestling, The Marietta Sternwheel Committee, and Wedding Videography. 


In 2014 Blind Wave joined up with Black Crimson Effects Studio and Rag-n-Bone Productions on an independent film The Seven. Blind Wave Choreographed, Planned, and Shot a major S.W.A.T. Team sequence in the film, including a car chase scene. They also helped run camera on some other scenes and sequences for the film. 

Currently Blind Wave strives to be a creative videography team. They do many reaction and review type shows on their Youtube Channel and work on Fan films and more original content for their audience.