Welcome to Blind Wave's Fan Page where you can see all the great things our fans and viewers have sent in to us. Fan Art, Videos, Quotes, and more. Thanks for all of your support, you guys are GREAT!

We opened a P.O. Box because some viewers had asked about sending us stuff. We had no idea the amount of mail we would receive. We do unboxings to show our gratitude and you can see all of those here on their own page. BLIND WAVE MAIL BAG

If you have something you would want to mail us you can by mailing to
P.O. Box 304 Marietta Ohio 45750

Thank You to Edwin B. for this awesome Picture of some of your favorite Reactors. This time in their DBZ forms. 

Thank You from Ben of X-Geeks for these cool Funko Pop Versions of the Blind Wave Crew.

Thank You to BigFatWhiteDudes for creating a subreddit for Blind Wave. We are grateful that viewers and fans believed this needed to be a thing. Thank You. BLIND WAVE SUBREDDIT

Fan Art sent to us from Agent79.

We wonder who these two fellows could be...?

Awesome Artwork of an infamous line from BlindWave

Thank you to Homicidal Cat for being our 14,000th subscriber and telling us his thoughts as to why.