Gaming With Blind Wave

Are you a gamer? Well so are the members of Blind Wave. We enjoy a large variety of games and enjoy playing and talking about them. Below are different ways you can join Blind Wave in either playing games or seeing our experience through various games. 


Blind Wave streams every week. While we have been experimenting on Youtube Live, we mainly stream on twitch. You can watch, chat, and more on our twitch page HERE or click the link above to go to our "Live Broadcast" page.  If you are interested in becoming a Mod for our Streams Be sure to apply for that here:
Moderator Application

Play With Us:

Blind Wave loves connecting with our viewers and fans. One way we do this is with our weekly stream Subscriber Sunday. Every Sunday join some, or all, of Blind Wave as we play various games. Many of the games are played via Steam, however currently we do have the ability to do some gaming on PS4 as well. We hope to grow this segment of our streaming week more in the future to accommodate our audience. 

Let's Plays:

If you are busy and can't catch our streams, we also try to put all Let's Plays in our archive. You can see them on our Let's Play Page. 

Steam Group:

Don't forget to join our BLIND WAVE STEAM GROUP. You can stay up to date with gaming events. Talk to members of Blind Wave. Have discussions about games with our Steam Community. Or you can meet other gamers.

Star Wars The Old Republic:

If you are a fan of Star Wars and wish to join us in playing Star Wars the Old Republic MMO simply download the free game and make a character on our server. We play on Jung Ma (the only RPPVP Server) We have a "Blind Wave" guild being built on the Republic side and "The Approaching Storm" guild on the Imperial side.