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Blind Wave is a team of videographers that enjoy Film Making. Because of that Blind Wave hosts a Youtube Channel where you can find their fan films, original content, and More. Through this site you can see EVERYTHING that Blind Wave does. 

Reaction Videos:

Blind wave loves Film. See them react to Trailers from TV and Movies to Abridged Series from online. Not only can you see Blind Wave's genuine reactions to amazing shows, movies, and trailers; Blind Wave also does in-depth analysis, discussion, and thoughts on these reactions. Also you can continue to Blind Wave's QNA (Questions and Answers) videos. The same shows that have reactions will typically have a QNA that you can submit your own questions, thoughts, and theories to and have Blind Wave discus them. 

Gaming With Blind Wave:

Looking to Game with members and fans of Blind Wave? Or are you just looking to watch the gaming and chat with others? Well we have options for that.  Blind Wave has weekly games with viewers and fans as well as Let's Plays with some or all of the Blind Wave Crew. Also apply to be a moderator for the Blind Wave Twitch Stream here: Moderator Application

Fan Films:

Blind Wave has already made several lightsaber fan films and are working currently on a few others. Besides Star Wars/Lightsaber fan films Blind Wave also has plans for other types of Fan Films. Stay tuned for more thoughts and information on future projects. You can see current projects under the "Original Content" Tab. 

Being Part of the Community:

We have been seriously putting major effort into our youtube page for around a year now and in that time the community has grown more than we could have imagined. Check here to see where the Blind Wave Community has spread to and how you can be a part of it.  

Supporting Blind Wave

Blind Wave enjoys making videos. Reactions, Let's Plays, Fights, Comedy, and more.  So Thank you very much for watching our videos. If you really enjoy them make sure you like, subscribe, and share our videos. This is a great way to help us grow. 

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Here you can view all products that Blind Wave has to offer. From Practice Sabers to T-Shirts. More items will be coming so be sure to keep an eye on the store page


If you want to be a Patron of Blind Wave you can see our Patreon page here. This is a great way to support Blind Wave and the crew's love of Content and Film Making



Here you can donate directly to Blind Wave All donations go toward the crew and their equipment for creating Great Content.