Current Project


Star Wars The Old Republic: The Pit is a fan film created by Blind Wave Productions.  Currently it is in post production. It is the first of a small saga of films.  

The film takes place around 3640 BBY. Scum and Villainy from all over the galaxy to spectate and bet on deadly gladiator battles inside the arena known only as The Pit. After months of capture and imprisonment, Jedi Knight Kole Vosh is thrown to the mercy of these deadly warriors under command of The Sith Lord Kimeras, who teaches his unwilling student a terrible lesson.

Cast and Crew

This Film has been written, choreographed, and filmed by Blind Wave Productions.

Starring: Aaron L. Elliott, Shane Farley, Anthony Canter, Jake Snyder, and Alice Barnett

Crew: Calvin Grubb, Eric Whiteley, Aaron L. Elliott, Anthony Canter, and Jake Snyder